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Shoulder Physical Therapy

Shoulder physical therapy can restore shoulder strength and mobility. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body. What allows the shoulder to have the freedom to move in almost any direction is the range of motion. It's very important for the shoulder joint to have complete functionality, especially in sporting events.

shoulder physical therapy - footballPitching nine innings in a baseball game or constantly passing a football in a football game may sometimes cause injury to the shoulder joint or rotator cuff.

Shoulder injuries are most common with younger people or very active athletes. As an individual ages, shoulder pain may develop from the wear and tear of daily activities. Individuals who use their shoulders frequently in the workplace may also suffer from a shoulder injury.

Early treatment of the shoulder with physical therapy is key to a successful rehabilitation, but this is dependent upon the cause of the injury. Before beginning any type of treatment, medical advice should be sought as you may further damage the shoulder.

Through shoulder physical therapy, shoulder strength and mobility may be restored. Whether you've just had surgery or suffered an injury to your shoulder, physical therapy will give you the exercises, stretches and mobility techniques necessary to address your specific problem.

Dr's Choice physical therapy department treats patients suffering from a shoulder injury. Relieve the pain, strengthen the shoulder and restore motion with shoulder physical therapy.

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