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Chiropractic Monmouth

Monmouth Chiropractic and Physical TherapyOur practice is available in Monmouth. Chiropractic care, to be effective, must be centered on the patient's needs. Whether you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, migraine headache, whiplash, sinus infection or neck and shoulder pain, Dr's Choice is focused on the patient and recovery to good health.

From our initial evaluation, to planning a course of treatment and the eventual restoration to good health, our practice will employ the technologies and therapies offered by modern science. When indicated, our staff doctor of internal medicine will give consultation. Our physical therapist will help execute a plan of treatment under the supervision of our staff Doctor of Chiropractic. Monmouth County residents have the option to be treated, by appointment, in our Manasquan facility, making this an excellent therapeutic "home away from home" for our Middlesex Chiropractic patient who visits the Jersey Shore.

Schedule an appointment today at our Monmouth Chiropractic office. Call 732.388.4344, we'll be glad to help.