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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common to most people. It is a rare individual who has never suffered from some lower back pain. Before any discussion of symptoms, we should explain that the center of gravity in the human body occurs in the lumbar area, L1 through L4. This is a complex area of muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal bones and connective tissue.

Lower Back PainAs a consequence, the lower back strain and pain which is common in adult men and women is often the result of pressure placed on that area by picking up heavy objects without the proper lifting techniques. The discs between our bones are there to protect us from shock as well as provide elastic cushion for side frontal and rear trauma to our bodies. As we age the structure of our bodies change. Bones become more brittle as do discs and muscles lose flexibility and elasticity.

Lower back pain is usually the direct result of an injury. It can be caused by a ruptured disc resulting in visible signs such as a bulge in the spinal column or as small lump adjacent to the column. A herniated disc usually causes pressure on the surrounding nerves located in the lumbar area. The pain is some times reported as a tooth ache of the lower back.

Pain can also be caused by degenerative disorders like arthritis. If you are experiencing Lower Back Pain, diagnosis and treatment are a phone call away.

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