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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the only joint in the human body with a range of motion beyond 90 degrees. The ability to circle your arms over your head and behind your back makes this joint the most versatile joint in the body.

For this reason it is also one of the most frequently injured. The shoulder has tendons that hold in place the muscle connection to the bone.

The shoulder injury that is most common is a torn or injured rotator cuff. The rotator cuff consists primarily of these tendons and soft connective tissue. Many shoulder injuries present themselves as soreness to the shoulder, numbness in the arm and wrist, swelling and inflammation of the region. These same symptoms can appear as a result of arthritis, tendonitis or even a dislocation of the shoulder.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, call the New Jersey chiropractic services of Dr.’s Choice for an appointment today! The experts at Dr’s Choice will use modern imaging technology to assess, and diagnose your shoulder. A treatment plan will be created to return you top good health as quickly as possible.

Our interdisciplinary approach will result assessing your condition and providing treatment all in one practice. If you suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome, (loss of use of your shoulder due inactivity brought about by pain) it will often respond to physical therapy. This can result in avoidance of more painful and sometimes unnecessary surgery.

If your shoulder is stiff, inflamed, sore or you have lost the range of motion, noticed loss of strength or swelling, tingling or clicking then call NJ Chiropractor for an appoint today. Our multidisciplinary approach to healing provides the best treatment options for your condition.

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